Here’s What Happened When Drake Got Smashed In The Face With A Cheesecake…

I could’ve written an article about Drake’s complicated relationship with Rihanna. But as the rapper has other things going on within his life, here’s what happened when he got brutally attacked with a cheesecake…

Image: Apple Music

Image: Apple Music

Being one of the most successful rappers alive, and releasing a massive album earlier this year, it is very easy to call Drake a superstar. Despite all of the songs on “Views” being amazing, we haven’t seen any music videos. Until now…

At a length of 12 minutes, the music video for “Child’s Play” features a brilliant scene where Drake gets smashed in the face with a cheesecake.

He then proceeds to sing with cheesecake all over his mouth which is pretty funny. You can check out the music video here:


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