Here’s Why Connor McGregor Had A Massive Rant At John Cena…

With everyone constantly talking about the Olympics these days, I think it’s only fair that we mention what’s recently been going on in the UFC and WWE. After all, the highly anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz is just a week away (20 August).

During the time in which I’ve been writing for The Wall Of Comedy, I’ve written about a variety of things- so I am fairly hard to surprise. But after hearing about this, I admit that Connor McGregor certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to insulting John Cena.

During a press day for UFC 202, McGregor said:

“The new age are dweebs. Let’s be honest here. They are absolute dweebs.”

But after insulting WWE in general, he decided to focus his attention on John Cena. Here’s where things started to get interesting:

“The main guy, John Cena, he’s 40 years of age and he’s running around in a luminous orange t-shirt and a head band, talking about nobody can see him. We can see him right there. He’s a big fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherfucker.”

This is just brilliantly funny. Right now, nothing is better than hearing about Connor McGregor insult John Cena in a spectacular way. He finally admitted that he was prepared to fight anyone:

“This ain’t no gimmick. This is the real shit. I gotta get in and fight a man for real with no script, with no nothing. So he was talking about bringing some of the wrestler guys over to challenge me, come bring it then. This is the real shit over here. If you want to come over we can fight no problem.”

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the whole rant:

If you wanna check out the video, the good stuff is from 17:20 onwards. Enjoy!

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