Here’s Why Harambe’s Death May Have Been An Inside Job…

Over the past few decades, we’ve certainly noticed a rise in the number of conspiracy theories arising. From events such as the moon landing to 9/11 being caused by George Bush, we’ve seen it all. But this one actually made me think for a moment if it was actually possible.

As you will remember, a truly amazing Gorilla was taken from us in the city of Cincinnati. RIP. Unsurprisingly, the death of Harambe lead to many protests by members of the public, and the creation of lots of tribute pages on Facebook.


Image: Facebook


Investigators at BroBible recently discovered something that was fairly shocking. They discovered that one year after Bush became President, members of Harambe’s family began to mysteriously die.

Three members of his family died at Gladys Porter Zoo when Chlorine tablets became wet, causing toxic fumes. Within this tragic event, the casualties involved his mother and siblings.

2 years after Harambe was transported to Cincinnati Zoo, he was sadly killed. Is this all a massive coincidence? I think not. Have your say in the comments…

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