Here’s Why It’s Actually Legal To Masturbate In Public…

Have you ever been really bored in a public situation and thought of “busting one out”? Or seeing a really hot girl and got a massive “accidental” boner? Whatever your reason, many people have thought about having a w*nk in public. But in Italy, it is actually perfect legal.

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

In the UK, you can face around 14 days in prison if you are caught masturbating in a public area. Likewise, you can face 3 years in Saudi Arabia (accompanied by 300 lashes), and roughly 32 months in Indonesia. Don’t ask how I know this. Just don’t.

But in Italy, you may be surprised to find out that public masturbation is not a crime- according to the Italian supreme court. So if you ever wanna whip it out whilst in the country, feel more than free to do so.

This news came to light after a 69 year old man was caught masturbating in front of several students. Although he originally faced 3 months in jail, the judge has said that this guy wasn’t breaking the law.

The supreme court has ruled that “the act is not included in the law as a crime.”

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

Therefore, the Italian supreme court has now decided to eliminate sentences for dirty acts in public. If any of you are going to Italy, I hope that you have a pleasurable time.

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