Here’s Why Nigel Farage Has Grown A Brutal Moustache…

Nigel Farage is certainly an odd character at times. But after recently declaring the world of politics a fashion show with his new moustache, it seems as if no one has a clue what he is doing…

He recently decided to grow this piece of hair above his upper lip. Despite being able to do what he wants with his own life, I’m pretty sure that no one wants to be told what to do by a man with a crappy moustache.

It’s certainly very scary. The 52 year old decided that it would be a great idea to go and show off his first ever piece of facial hair to the people of Newington (near Ramsgate). A lot of people on Twitter certainly didn’t like the moustache:

Out of all the Tweets posted about it, this one is certainly my favourite:

Let’s be honest though lads. If his moustache keeps growing at such a fast rate, he’ll soon look like Borat. I just hope that Mr Farage doesn’t start a trend. We’ve had enough of them recently. #TashGate

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