Here’s Why Simon Cowell Punched An X Factor Contestant In The Face…

During Saturday night, viewers were shocked when Simon Cowell brutally punched one of his contestants in the face.

The 56 year old judge punched Caitlyn Vanbeck- and it looked extremely painful. Once she had recovered from the ordeal, Caitlyn joked that she may “press charges” against Simon.

Image: ITV

Image: ITV

According to media reports, the incident happened when Simon Cowell went in for a group hug with some successful girls who had made it to “Judge’s houses”. Thankfully for the music mogul, the punch wasn’t shown on ITV. However, it was broadcasted just an hour later on the “Xtra Factor” (ITV2).

Simon let his curled fist go straight into Vanbeck’s face as he gave the girls a hug. Other finalists within the category include Soheila Clifford, 18, Kayleigh Marie Morgan, 19, Gifty Louise, 20, Emily Middlemas, 17, and Olivia Garcia, 16.

Image: Metro

Image: Metro

When asked if she would press charges, Caitlyn said:

“Yeah, maybe. He’s got a lot of money.”

If any of you actually watch The X Factor, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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