Here’s Why This Duo Are Set To Become The No1 DJ’s Of 2016…

With over 7.9 million Facebook followers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are the DJ Duo that are most known for becoming the World’s number one DJ’s of 2015. With massive hit songs such as “Higher Place” and “The Hum”, the Belgian duo have been securing several chart hits for the past few years. As I’m trying to write articles on a broader spectrum of topics, I thought that dance music would be a great topic to cover- especially as Creamfields recently happened in the UK.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

After the massive success of their new single, “Stay A While”, it became clear that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were destined for the No1 spot once more. Being a fan of their music myself, it is absolutely great to see the duo becoming more successful each day.

After being supported by the likes of Danny Howard, Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, and other famous names, the pair have gone on to produce edits for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Sean Paul. With over 424 million YouTube views on their channel, it seems as if they are totally unstoppable.

So of course, I decided to catch up with the lads and chat about their recent successes:

“Your new song ‘Stay A While’ was recently released, and I love it! What was the inspiration for it?”

Dimitri: we’re trying new sounds and work on different structures and melodies, it’s been a really fun process working and it all leads to our artist album.

Mike: ‘Stay A While’ is just one of those songs that has come out of this process. It’s inspired by loved ones, that emotional bond, broken hearts and the distance life sometimes put between you.

“Many DJ’s have slip ups whilst performing live sets. What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?”

Dimitri: to be honest we’ve never really had any major ones. We’ve had a few slips whilst on stage and the stage once caught fire at a show but fortunately our shows have gone without such a moment.

Image: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Image: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

“You guys are constantly doing shows/festivals. Do you ever get any time to relax? What kind of things do you get up to in your spare time?”

Dimitri: it’s a pretty full life with all the touring and studio time we spend working on our music, but it’s not really a problem for us because we really love it. Finding downtime can be difficult but it’s also important, you need to give your body and brain sometime to relax and unwind. We love to chill out with friends, either having a BBQ or gaming. It’s nice to catch up with family and friends when we’re not on the road.

Mike: we’re big into activities, like we recently were quad biking in Ibiza which was good fun.

“When did you realise that music was your passion? Has it been something that you guys always wanted to do, Or was it something that came up later in life?”

Dimitri: I’ve always felt a strong connection to music and so from my early teenage years I put a lot of energy into collecting in records and then later taking up DJing as a serious hobby. I wanted to be able to carve a career out in dance music pretty much from the moment I started djing.

Mike: I was a little later to the game than Dimitri, but I always dreamt of being involved in music full time. I just hadn’t really given it much more thought than that, but then after being in Ibiza it clicked and I really took it seriously from that moment onwards.

If you haven’t already seen it, their “crowd control” video is absolutely mental:

“What do you guys consider the most challenging thing within the music industry at the moment? How would you change it?”

Mike: Seeing more and more artists these days struggling with health problems is a concern. We’d definitely love to see more support for those that have such problems. It can be a quite a grueling lifestyle at times, so it’s important for anyone feeling the pressure or strain to have good support around them.

“I’m sure a lot of your fans will be reading this. Do you have any words/messages that you would like to say to them?”

Dimitri: just to say a massive thank you for the support, we really appreciate all the feedback and passion you guys have and continue to show us, it means a lot.

Mike: yeah, we’re very grateful to have the best fans in the world. It’s such a honor to get to party with you!

I would like to thank Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for taking the time to have a chat with me. You can vote for them in the DJ MAG Top 100 HERE.

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