Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Masturbate On A NYC Subway…

If you’re gonna do it, at least make sure you don’t get caught…

An american woman was recently forced to confront a man on the NYC Subway that was masturbating in the carriage. Deanna Carter was enjoying a peaceful journey when she spotted what appears to be a man pleasuring himself in the seat opposite.

She said:

“Rubbing your dick? What the fuck are you doing? Do it again and I’m gettin’ up out this chair and I’mma bust your fuckin’ ass on this train … you rub your dick when you get off the motherfucking train. Do we fucking understand each other?”

After being embarrassed at the fact that he was caught, the man quickly proceeds to get off at the next station. Despite this event going viral, it turns out that harassment is fairly common the New York City subway:

According to The Wall Street Journal, the number of sex crimes on New York transportation has increased by around 50% since 2015. Nasty.

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