Honey G Prepares For UK Tour And Own Merchandise Range!

Who actually loves X-factor rude gyal Honey G? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t love her …. but by heck is she an entertainer!

That’s probably one of the reasons she has managed to sign with Simon (high trousers) Cowell’s record label ‘Syco’, where she is releasing a debut single ‘The Honey G Show’, which comes out TOMORROW her representative told The Sun.

But I think we can safely say that it’s the entertainment aspect of Honey G that we dig – certainly not her rapping! Get me some ear protectors … please!!

This hard core rapper has been extremely busy with her debut single, but also with her swagtastic merchandise range.. That’s right kids .. she really has gone and done it. Big up yourself me lickle bredda – Honey G in da house! And Of Course …. it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t include her theme motto ‘When I Say Honey, You Say G’!



In an interview and video with The Evening Standard, Honey G tells us exactly who she hopes will wear her merchandise. Snoop Dog, Missey Elliott, Lil Wayne, Mary J Blige and Queen Latifa to name a few. WOW! This woman sure is determined – but I’m thinking, slightly delirious too!

Lets see whether Snoop Dogg is down with Honey G… Oh my bad, apparently he is! Soz Snoop…



Rumors have also arisen that Chanel 5  are rather keen on getting Honey G in the line-up for the CBB house in January! This was claimed in a report on Unreality TV.

So as you can see, Honey G, has got her fingers in many pies at the moment…… you cheeky little sausage Honey!

I am not sure how that will work with CBB though? Surely it will clash with the X-Factor tour that Honey G is of course a part of, which kicks off in February?

Oh well … what will be will be!

Nevertheless, Honey G says –  “We are ready to shut the music industry down. Taking over Honey G!”

Right, that’s it…. I’m calling Jay Z and Beyonce this instant!

Watch her video from Twitter below and let us know if you think she’s about to take over the music industry in the comments.

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