Hugh Hefner’s Son Is Planning On Bringing Back Nudes To Playboy…

Hugh Hefner, the original founder of Playboy, has decided to step down as the creative officer. Instead, he will be replaced by his son. According to media reports, Cooper isn’t a massive fan of the “no nudes” policy and will therefore be changing it.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

Image: Hollywood Reporter

He said in an interview:

“Some aspects of the brand won’t alter, as there have been a number of successful creative and business pivots over the last few years that are worthy of celebration.

However, as we close in on our 64th year as an organization, I can assure you certain aspects of our formula will change. We are currently implementing a creative strategy for the brand moving forward. Let’s just say, 2017 will be a big year for our rabbit.”

Do you think nudity should be brought back to Playboy? With Cooper’s new position, I believe that it’s certainly a possibility. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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