Husband In Shock After Discovering His Wife Is Actually His Granddaughter…

A bride is currently in ‘overwhelming despair’ after she discovered that her husband is actually her biological grandfather…

The 28 year old reportedly walked down the isle with her 68 year old millionaire husband- and then proceeded to go back to the hotel to consummate their marriage (as you do). However, problems surfaced several months later when looking through photo albums.

Image: Metro

Image: Metro

According to media reports, the pair were looking through family photos when the bride recognised her dad in one of the pictures. Of course, you can guess what happened next: The husband recognised the man as his son.

Image: ITV

Image: ITV

The pair are currently living together in Golden Beach, Miami. In a recent interview, he talks about how he met his wife:

‘They had a website with profiles of many attractive younger girls. I just felt something strange when I saw her photos. It was like a sense of deja vu, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar. We just hit it off right from when she walked into the restaurant.”

She didn’t have to marry the bloke for money. She’d be in his inheritance anyway…

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