Insane Video Shows Man Stealing Police Car After Being Arrested…

GTA is undoubtably one of the biggest games to ever be released. So it comes as no surprise that it recently sold over 70 million copies. To be fair, it’s one of the best games that I’ve ever played. Stealing fighter jets, driving tanks, and doing heists, it will probably go down in history as one of the most successful games to have ever been created.

Image: Rockstar

Image: Rockstar

The video that I am about to show you entails a man escaping from a Police officer, and then stealing his cop car. This is the closest thing you’ll ever see to GTA in real life!

As we watch the video, it’s clear to see that something is up. The Police officer is standing over the criminal. However, I’m pretty sure that cops are supposed to arrest you against the car.

But of course, this is all followed by a wrestling match between the officer and guy. After a bystander comes to assist the officer, the criminal manages to divert their attention, and steal the car. That one is gonna be hard to explain for the cop back at the station.

Although we are unsure of what happened to the criminal after he stole the car, I’m pretty sure that he drove to Fort Zancudo in order to steal a jet and wreck havoc amongst Los Santos.

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