Jeremy Kyle Has Been Caught Asking For Sex Advice From A Guest…

After Jeremy Kyle split up with his ex-wife, it was revealed that he hasn’t had sex in 9 months, 9 weeks, 3 days. So of course, he did what anyone would do: ask one of his guests for sex tips.

The host reportedly found out that one of his guests was getting loads of action in the bedroom, and therefore begged him for advice.

Image: ITV

Image: ITV

Whilst Jordan was on the show to take a lie detector test, Jeremy asked “Come on I’m newly single, 9 months, 9 weeks, 3 days… How do you do it? What do I do?”

Before coming on the show, Jordan had told the show’s team that he had slept with over 1000 girls. But when Jezza questioned him on stage, he admitted that the number was actually between 30 and 40.

Image: ITV

Image: ITV

Jordan also stated that “a fair bit of masturbation going on” because they weren’t getting on in the bedroom and his private parts were like a fruit bowl.

Haha this is just brilliant.

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