JME is Changing the Game. Literally!

This writing stuff isn’t my true passion. No, ever since seeing Flava Flav ride around on a Segway, ridiculous clock swinging back and forth, preaching about world peace to a crowd of thousands…I knew my calling in life was to be a Hype Man. Yeaaah boiiiii.


Turns out I’m a slightly posh white kid with a receding hairline. Apparently that’s a niche which isn’t needed in the industry.

My luck may be in, however, as JME wants to make a Virtual reality game in which the player becomes an MC. SERIOUS.


“I need to make a grime mc VR game, where you have to go to a rave, get a reload, don’t get too drunk, avoid 3 fights, and get paid”

Yeah. I’m excited too! This will be what Singstar was to all the little kids who dreamed of singing Genie in the bottle, and what the Dancemat was to those who liked looking a bit special.

Stay cool!!

Stay cool!!

JME doesn’t stop there though. There are plans for what you do even after you get paid:

“You can buy whatever you want, alcohol, weed, whips, bikes, straps”

‘Straps’?! Come on JME, who’s gonna hire a guy with a shank, or a guy with a 9 mil…you can’t be Serious?


JME is looking to incorporate every element, even going so far as having a bonus round of chasing the promoter!

“Then you go to bigger shows, and you can make more choices depending on what you spent your money on”

Initial ideas for how purchases affect your MC:
Garms (clothing) = attract groupies but aggro rate goes up. More likely to trigger a fight.
Weed = entourage attracts police attention. Get less shows and fee doesn’t rise.

JME wants to make it difficult though, not just bopping your head to the beat. You have to be like him and roll on your own, and if you spit off beat to the Flow of the Year, you get booed. No reloads for poor spitters.

It looks amazing, and they want it to be multiplayer:

“You can clash other players, or form a crew”


JME is bringing battles to the Everyman. I want it now! Anyone want to be in my crew? Please.

Have your bars ready.

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