Kanye West’s own Cousin Blackmailed him over Sex Tape!

Kanye West is currently not experiencing the best of times and we all hope that he gets the help he needs and is better soon.

A big factor as to why Kanye has recently suffered quite heavily has just come to light with his cousin, Lawrence Franklin, recently revealing a dramatic family story…One of Kanye’s other (supposedly close) cousins blackmailed him!

Kanye (left) with mother, Donda (middle), and cousin, Lawrence (right)

Kanye (left) with mother, Donda (middle), and cousin, Lawrence (right)

At the end of ‘Real Friends’ on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album, he speaks about a bizarre story – saying that a cousin of his had stolen his laptop and forced him to pay $250,000 just to get it back!

The lyrics are:

“I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f*ckin’ b*tches on
Paid that n*gga 250 thousand just to get it from him
Real friends

Whilst it seems like just another quip in the entertainment business, Lawrence Franklin confirmed that it is, in fact, true. It’s not very difficult to find a picture of Kanye looking annoyed, so it’s easy to imagine that he was pretty pissed off.


Lawrence stated that Kanye had given the laptop as a gift in 2012 (the time when he started dating Kim Kardashian). But then the cousin discovered a sex tape of Kanye with a “fair-skinned Black woman” who was neither Kim nor Amber Rose.

Kanye with wife, Kim Kardashian, and children

Kanye with wife, Kim Kardashian, and children

The cousin then decided, instead of deleting it, that he should blackmail Kanye – even so far as getting a lawyer to go after him. He released information that he had the tape and had huge offers from porn sites but chose to settle for $250,000 from Kanye…Real friends, huh?

But yeah, if you can’t trust your own family, who can you trust?!

Get better soon Kanye.

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