Katie Hopkins Has Been Tear Gassed In A Calais Migrant Camp…

As the migrant crisis in Calais gets bigger by the day, it was about time that the UK sent someone to try and fix this problem. With thousands of people facing struggles and hardships, I can only imagine how hard it must be to have fled from war and persecution. I guess that it was about time that we took this seriously.

So of course, we decided to send migrant-despising Katie Hopkins to the scene to investigate how bad this crisis actually is.

Image: Calais Aid Network

Image: Calais Aid Network

After Katie’s disgusting comments on a young child which drowned in the Mediterranean, we originally came up with a “survival show” in which we dump her in Syria and she has to make her way back to the UK with other migrants.

But as she would refuse that TV Show, I guess that France was good enough. At least she’s out the country…

During an article for The Mail, the much hated celebrity went to Calais “looking for good”. But being as she was instantly tear gassed when people saw her, I guess that she received exactly what she deserved.

She said:

“There is no option to tough out tear gas. I just tried and I failed miserably. I think sometimes that I’m tougher than I am. It really knocks you back”.

As a major coincidence, this happened one year after she described the refugees as “cockroaches” and that we should “use gunships to stop them approaching our shores”.

Well Katie, Karma is a b*tch.

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