Kell Brook Makes Offer Amir Khan Should Not Refuse…

I still can’t believe that Kell Brook took the GGG fight! I mean, that man is made of iron.


So, clearly, Brook is not a man to shirk a scrap despite what Khan and his fanboys have being saying:

but then why is it taking so long for a fight that everyone wants – Khan V Brook – to happen?!

According to Brook, Khan is being ridiculous in terms of the negotiations, not only demanding a 70-30 split, but also numerous other things as well:

“Of course it’s extreme and not just the split…He also wants to have the fight in Bolton. He’s also arguing about who comes out first and second. There are many, many things – I could go on all day”


Brook also doesn’t like the fact that Khan thinks he is the bigger sell point for the fight:

“Seventy-thirty? He wants to give the champion 30 per cent of the cut? He’s completely in cuckoo land, that kid.”

I’ve gotta say I agree with him…yes, Khan’s probably more known outside of Britain, but 70-30 is grossly unfair. Brook, however has made a much more interesting offer based on these figures:


With Promoter, Eddie Hearn, willing to bend to a 55-45 or even a 60-40 in Khan’s favour, the fight really should go ahead! And if Khan is so confident, surely 70 to the winner will go to him anway?! So, using Brook’s words:

“Put your money where your mouth is”

Would be a massive shame if the two never met. Who would you back?

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