Kendall & Kyle Jenner Get Stuck In An Elevator. Unfortunately, They Get Released…

Why couldn’t they be kept in there?

Most known for being related to the Kardashians, Kylie & Kendall were recently trapped in a New York elevator. Surprisingly, the fire department decided that they would actually let them out. Damn.

During these extremely dramatic events, Kendall decided that the only way of saving herself and her sister was through Snapchat:

@kendalljenner vía Snapchat #kendalljenner #kendalljennersnapchat

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As the pair had been trapped in the elevator for a long amount of time, it was understandable that they were both tired and hungry. Personally, I’m blaming the pair for getting stuck in the first place. Even though some media outlets have tried to justify the celebrities being stuck, it is a bit of a stretch for me to say that they were not at fault.

With some saying that this is a revenge plot on the girls, the event happened as they were leaving a NYC apartment during fashion week.

After an incredibly tough 20 minutes of not having a strong wifi signal, they were rescued by the New York City Fire Department. Obviously, the girls posed for a photo with their “heroes”.


Image: Snapchat

We had an opportunity to finally rid the world of the Jenner’s. It’s a big shame that we never seized the moment and took the chance…

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