KFC Announce That They Will Start Selling Chicken Pizza…


I’ve gotta admit that I’ve already had a great year so far. Not one bad thing has happened… yet. But let’s keep things positive guys cause KFC ARE ABOUT TO SELL CHICKEN PIZZA.

In the morning, there is nothing that I love more than using the frying pan to make bacon & eggs. Absolutely perfect. But what if there was a better use? I think Colonel Sanders has just found it.

The legendary #KFCChizza has FINALLY arrived in Singapore!!! Who's excited? #UltimateMashup Find out more at:

Pubblicato da KFC su Martedì 7 febbraio 2017

The “Chizza” is basically chicken topped with cheese, peppers, and all of the other cool stuff. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

I want this now.

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