Korean Menu Goes Viral For Labelling Least Spicy Food “White”

Within the world, there are many stereotypes that affect pretty much everyone. Whether it be black, white, hispanic or asian, it’s normally seen as extremely racist or just a bit of banter. But the Koreans took the saying that “white people can’t handle spicy food” to a whole new level.

Although I love a cheeky Nando’s or a curry, it may admittedly apply to other white people. But a Korean restaurant in Canada appears to be causing controversy in a viral image being shared online. The menu has a spiciness ranking, where the least spicy rating of food is labelled ‘white’.

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

After being upvoted over 7,700 times on Reddit, it has caused a massive surge in arguments over the internet as to whether the menu is racist or not.

Several people have developed a theory to explain why it may be labelled white. Apparently, it’s due to the colour of the Korean broth.


Image: Reddit


Images: Reddit

Korean soups are normally flavoured with ‘red’ spice – so if a customer asks for no spice at all, the colour of the soup will be white. Do you think that it was racist? Let me know in the comments.

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