Lad Pulls Hilarious Prank On Neighbour’s WiFi Printer…

Hahaha, this is absolute genius.

In the age of 2017, many of us own a wireless printer. But despite loads of people protecting their WiFi with a password, some decide to risk it and do everything unprotected. Just ask Blake Messick.

Whilst trying to print something from his Printer, he noticed that his neighbour had an unprotected WiFi network. Without thinking twice, he did what all of us would do in that situation… take advantage and have fun!

If you’ve ever seen Terminator, then you will be aware of the possibility that machines will someday enslave us as we fight a war against the robots. Terrifying. I can only imagine how scared Blake’s neighbour was feeling.

I’ve gotta admit, Blake must have made the neighbour feel scared – as the printer ended up inside the trash.

People on Twitter seem to be gaining some inspiration:

This is just brilliant.

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