Liberty City Is Coming To GTA V Story Mode. Here’s How To Get It…

Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve seen loads of cool updates come to GTA V. Ranging from Finance & Felony to the Motorbike DLC, we’ve certainly been treated to loads of cool features. Despite the constant updates appearing online, we’ve never actually had anything made available for story… until now.

A group of modders have been working for several years on bringing Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V. As the online mode forbids modding, it will only be available on story mode. Here’s a trailer for you to check out:

Reports have stated that Rockstar are also developing a story DLC. Originally shelved years ago in order to allow time to develop the online features, this will be long awaited by fans.

Image: GTA V Mods

Image: GTA V Mods

Who needs a story DLC when you can have a new map?

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