Lie Detector Results: Who Pooed In the Fridge?

In 40 years time, what will you tell your grandkids? Will it be how we overcame the end of the world back in 2012, or how Skepta managed to win the Mercury Prize? Whatever it is, I can say that you will tell them where you where when #Poogate happened.

Earlier this year, members of a family appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Was it to reveal who was cheating on their husband? No. Or to see who was the father of a child? Nope. Of course, it was to see who took a glorious sh*t in the fridge.

Here’s the start of what happened:

After the women were accused of some nasty things, they decided to return to the show so that they could complete a lie detector test. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

If you are wondering who the fridge sh*tter was, I’m afraid to say that it was none of them.

What a shame.


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