Little Old Lady Accidentally Prays to Lord of the Rings Figurine

Right, so Lord of the Rings is good. Very good, in fact. So much so that I thought, you know what, I’ve read the Hobbit (well, the one with the pictures in it)…I’m going to read the book.

10 pages. That’s how long I lasted…


But is it so good that you should start praying to a figurine of the Elvish King Elrond? I mean he does have pretty sweet ears, and a fit daughter, so maybe.


That is exactly what this elderly woman from Brazil has been doing every day!! You could say that the figurine has become rather ‘precious’ to her.

By all means, she mistook the Lord of the Rings figurine for the religious figure, Saint Anthony (the Patron Saint of Lost and stolen articles…I’d been wondering where they’d got to!)

Here’s a picture of Elrond:


And here’s one of Saint Anthony:


The poor little old lady only found out due to her Granddaughter spotting the figurine and explaining it to her…not before posting a picture of it on Twitter and Buzzfeed of course.


I just hope that whatever she asked of Elrond he was able to provide for her…and not be a dick about the whole thing like he was in the films.

If you’re going to pray to someone, make it Gandalf. The blokes a wizard for Saint Anthony’s sake. Unless you’re looking to pass an exam. He’s really unhelpful on that front:


Also, just as an aside…do you remember when the old lady in Spain took it upon herself to restore a priceless Fresco of Jesus in her local church? Here it is again…possibly my favourite picture ever:


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