Man Arrested After Stealing Goods To Bail Out His Wife…

Hahaha, this is the most ridiculous story that I’ve had to write about in ages.

Police have arrested a 48 year old man in Florida who decided that it would be a great idea to steal goods in order to bail out his wife.

According to Winter Haven Police Department, an officer in Walmart noticed him stuffing loads of electronic wire down his trousers at roughly 4pm.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Brian Crume then attempted to leave the store without paying for the items. Of course, he was detained until a police officer arrived at the scene of the crime.

Upon arrest, the officer asked Crume the reason for stealing the goods. After finding out that they were intended to be sold in order to bail his wife, the man was instantly taken to the local station. Whoops.

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Earlier that day, his wife was arrested for shoplifting. Brian is currently serving time at Polk County Jail for his crimes.

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