Man Banned From Stables After Filming Sex Tape With A Horse…

This is fairly disturbing…

A Lancashire man has been banned from entering any stables around the UK after admitting that he had sex with a horse.

Image: Trip Advisor

Image: Trip Advisor

Shane Trafford Taylor-Waters, 36, not only enjoyed his shag, but also filmed it. I guess that Kim Kardashian may have some competition now. At least he will always be able remember his pleasurable moment- happy memories.

The incident occurred at Town Bent Tables in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. The Police where only notified when the owner of the horse spotted a “white substance” on the Horse’s rear leg.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

During a Police interview, Shane admitted to pleasuring himself using a Horse. His lawyer said:

“Since his second police interview he has sought psychiatric help and it is clear he needs help rather than punishment.”

If any of you guys are living in Lancashire, I advise that you are vigilant when watching your pets- as Taylor-Waters has previously been arrested for sexual penetration on animals.

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