Man Finds £11k Worth Of Cocaine In His Nesquik…

As a kid, Nesquik was the absolute most amazing thing to ever happen to this world. I remember coming home from school and having a mug of chocolate milkshake. But coming home to find the tub full of cocaine would completely ruin my day.

Unfortunately for a Spanish bloke, he found over £11,000 worth of the Class A drug concealed inside the 250g tin of Chocolate Nesquik.

Image: Asda

The man reportedly got suspicious when he found that the lid was already opened slightly. Upon further inspection, he took a closer look and found a package of drugs. However, the cocaine was in addition to the chocolate powder. So he still got his milkshake!

Spain’s National Police unit is now investigating what could have happened; it’s believed that the milkshake was tampered with in the supermarket. Is it just me, or is the rabbit on drugs?

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