Man Has Insane Habit to See if His Wife is Faithful

Trust. Anybody, No? Trust.

Look people, I know popular culture at the moment is telling us that ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’, but this is some next level insecurity. This bloke is basically fishing for problems, and to be honest I think it stinks.

His wife, of 12 years(!), recently cracked up listeners on the popular radio station in Kisumu County by reporting, and asking for help on, her husband’s habit of doing something rather unusual to test whether or not she had been unfaithful.

Right, we’re all familiar with the concept of an agony Aunt…but for the most part that probably consists of us having read Lucy Pinder (Nuts magazine’s ‘Agony Aunt’) back in the day telling a bloke that he should probably go down on his missus a bit more.


Actually, I spose this is pretty much the exact opposite. Her husband, by all means, had got into the habit of sniffing both her private parts and her underwear upon her arrival, every day, in order to sniff out any wrongdoing. Every day!!


My advice would be to up your workouts, stop washing and changing underwear. No man is going to survive that.

Firstly, what the ****. Secondly, what the ****. Thirdly, Lol. But ****.

As soon as she arrives home as well! You don’t even see that type of security at airports. They have the decency to just ASK if you are carrying anything given to you by someone else…or if you have anything undeclared.

I just really hope it gets sorted out. There’s a time and a ‘plaice’ for most things (even rubbish fish puns), but this is wrong on every level!


Cod sake man, sort yourself out. Get yourself a snitching parrot instead.

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