Man Hires Strippers For His Own Funeral As They Give A Lapdance On His Coffin…

Well this is completely normal…

Have you ever thought about planning your funeral? Honestly, it has crossed my mind once or twice. A massive rave followed by pizza would be cool. At least then people could remember me, and have a good time.

Anyway, this lad has done some next level sh*t and organised strippers to perform at his funeral. According to several sources, his wife thought that it would be a great idea as “he appreciated the finer things in life”.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

I’m not going to leave any of this to the imagination, as there’s a video for you to check out. But the guests enjoyed the strippers dancing around his coffin to tracks such as “Maroon 5- Moves Like Jagger.”

He certainly went out with a bang…

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