Man Marries Snake for Ridiculous Reason!

Breaking up is difficult, we’ve all been there.

Depending on which type of person you are, there are numerous ways in which you may choose to get over it… from the ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ approach of meeting everyone with a heartbeat TO the ‘wallow in self-pity in your room every night crying’ approach.


This guy, from Singapore, chose to do something including both elements of the extreme. He certainly stayed in, but as opposed to ‘fish’, he decided upon ‘snake’.

And by no means do I say that with any sort of innuendo in mind (In your endo). He literally, fell for a snake. A REAL snake. His pet snake, in fact.


After spending 5 years apart from his ex, he decided that his pet snake looked a lot like her…and so he thought, “I like it, therefore I better put a ring on it”.

I know, right. The f*ck.

By all means he loved his ex girlfriend dearly…but surely comparing her looks to that of a snake isn’t going to do himself any favours?! We’ve all seen that scene from Planet Earth…those things are dicks.

Though, he clearly doesn’t feel the same way, mentioning that he can see the soul of his ex within the snake – and that’s a good thing.

He is planning to marry the snake as soon as he can find someone to perform the ceremony!

I spose “don’t do it, she’s a snake in the grass” won’t cut it this time.

Good luck mate,

Love from,

The Iguanas.

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