Man Stops At Drive Thru During High Speed Police Chase…

Evading the Police can really make a guy hungry. After all that hard work dodging them on the motorways and main roads, it’s only fair that you go and grab a bite to eat. A man from Arizona was recently arrested after a Police chase through Phoenix after doing just that.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

The local Police department have said that the guy failed to stop due to being given an arrest warrant. But after he got a bit hungry, the driver of the vehicle decided to stop at a In-N-Out Burger restaurant.

After placing an order, the car waits a few minutes before proceeding to the collection point. Although he evaded the Police long enough to get out the car park, he was arrested later that afternoon when he decided to break into a house.

To be fair, I don’t blame him. I would f*cking love a Chicken Legend right now.

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