Man Tries To Climb Trump Towers In Possible Protest…

A Man is currently trying to climb Trump Towers in New York, USA. According to local sources, he is using suction cups in order to scale the building. Although his intentions are unclear, Police are currently trying to communicate with the man.

New York Police have deployed airbags beneath the man if he falls from his climb. According to ABC News, the man was standing on the sub roof garden when he began climbing. Although this area is open to the public, it is likely that this event will raise security concerns.

Several members of the public have expressed confusion about the mans intentions. Here’s a few tweets that they posted:

Some people even suggested that the nominee was “taking action” over the nomination of Donald Trump for President of the USA:


This news comes just a day after Donald Trump was accused of issuing death threats Hillary Clinton. At a rally in Iowa, the Democratic nominee said that the Republican candidate had “crossed the line” by suggesting that gun rights supporters should stop her.

The U.S Secret Service have now spoken to Trump about his remarks over the course of his presidential campaign.

This could get interesting…

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