Man’s Mugshot-ception Picture Goes Viral…

I don’t know why mugshots seem to have become the latest type of talent contest (remember the bloke who found modelling fame through his mugshot)…but I’ve got to admit, this is pretty funny!

Robert Burt, from Maine, Michigan – or ‘Maine Man’ as I’ll now be referring to him as – was arrested a couple of summers’ ago for driving whilst under the influence and had this mugshot taken of him on the night of the event.

After being sentenced to just two days in prison later on that year, his co-workers thought it would be a nice idea to make him a shirt with the picture his original mugshot as a present – the ‘Burt Family Reunion’ caption referring to a relative of Maine Man’s who was also serving time at the prison.

The issue was, he decided to use that very same shirt when taking his second mugshot in prison!

The police at Somerset County were by all means in on the joke, and made him hold the slate in a way which would allow his shirt to be seen:

“They laughed their asses off…”

Maine Man has served his two days now and is enjoying his freedom with some beers and a board game with mates, as you do:

“I’m out b*tches”

Can I please clarify, however, that if you’re desperate for a little bit of internet fame… there are far easier ways than getting arrested and taking a funny mugshot!

Try taking a selfie with a crocodile, for instance.

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