Mark Wahlberg Say’s He’ll ‘Go Back To Jail’ If Daughter Marries Justin Bieber

So we’re probably all aware that Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg went to prison in 1988 …. for attempted murder! Happy days … and if you didn’t know that, then …supriiise!

But I think we can safely say, that Wahlberg is well past the old days and is now as safe to be around as Justin Bieber on drugs!

Well …… after his interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her hit TV talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, we have come to the assumption that maybe Wahlberg isn’t completely a changed man! Of course he is …. I’m only messing. He loves Beebs!

On Friday, Wahlberg quite openly told DeGeneres that he would go back to prison if his daughter married Bieber. (Step back Bieber and in the words of Arnie ‘Come with me if you want to live!’)



Wahlberg, 45, said that Bieber came to his house as a dinner guest and continued to say that his teenage daughter ‘lost her goddamn mind’!

I mean, I probably would as well in fairness! What would you say to Bieber? And what would you offer him? Certainly not an alcoholic beverage ……. or any sort of drug for that matter! Not that Wahlberg would anyway, but it’s always an option!

According to the MIRROR:

Justin Bieber ‘QUITS drink and drugs’ as he apologises for his behaviour

Wahlberg said “She liked him a lot when she was younger, turned on him completely, and then came back with a vengeance.”

His 13 year old daughter Ella said,“Like, ‘Dad, that’s going to be my husband”

Wahlberg, being a normal protective father, came back with, “Over my dead body. Actually, over both your dead bodies.’ I’ll just go back to jail.”



So my advice for Justin is (and obvs feel free to take it or leave it Beebs) to do us all a favor! Please stay away from Wahlberg’s daughter ……. because we really like his films!

Watch the funny video below –

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