McDonald’s Employee Admits To Ejaculating In Their “Secret Sauce”…

Mmm saucy.

Considering that I grab a McDonald’s every Friday night after work, this news was pretty disturbing when I found out about it.

An employee at the restaurant was recently arrested by police after he admitted to ejaculating in several hundred batches of the McDonald’s secret sauce.

Image: Google Maps

Image: Google Maps

According to media reports, Evan Thomas had received the “employee of the month” award several times prior to his arrest. As expected, thousands of customers & employees were utterly shocked when they found about consuming his jizz.

A customer at the restaurant in Los Angeles said:

“I’ve been eating at this McDonald’s since I was a kid. I get a Big Mac at least 3 times per week and he was always so nice. He asked me out a couple times and I almost said yes. I’m so glad I never went out with that freak. To think I’ve been eating his semen… oh my God I think I’m gonna puke.”

Image: McDonalds

Image: McDonald’s

Evan Thomas was caught by an employee adding a cup of white liquid into the secret sauce containers. Once he had discovered the “secret ingredient” added by Evan, he proceeded to inform his manager and contact the police.


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