McDonald’s Make Game Changing ‘Delivery’ Announcement

Stand by McDonald’s lovers – you’re guna love this!!

Forget the drive thru and forget those bloody long arse queues when all you want is your large big mac meal, because ……  McDonalds has launched a ‘home delivery service’!!,

That’s right, you heard me correctly – and it is due to kick off in 2017 with it’s partner in crime ‘UberEats’!! Surely this is the best news of the year?

And you know what this means – Your hangover cure will be delivered straight to your front door, so you can just stay in your pajamas’s and rest your weary heads!

IMAGE: Fred Prouser/Reuters

IMAGE: Fred Prouser/Reuters

‘Business Insider First’ reported last month that McDonald’s is gearing itself up to offer a mobile ordering service, which means customers will be able to choose, order and pay securely from their smartphones. Whoopie!!!

As we may have guessed, the new technology will start in America, where it will kick off from January 2017. It is also set to start rolling in 2017 in international lead markets, which includes the UK! Big up yourself United Kingdom!!! Along with Australia, Canada and France.

By 2018, mobile ordering will be available at 20,000 to 25,000 restaurants worldwide.

Now who ever thought 2017 wasn’t guna start well – hopefully McDonald’s has changed your mind!

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