McGregor’s Coach Reveals How He’d Train For Mayweather Fight…

I’ll admit it. Some of us here at TWOC thought that it may never happen. But with constant chatter about it, the fight is now a genuine possibility.

Whilst McGregor takes a well earned break from the UFC, and Mayweather is allegedly completely retired from the sport, many think that the two facing each other in the ring is impossible. But constant teasers on their Instagram pages have provided fans with hope that it may one day be a reality.

I am going to break his face

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In a recent interview, Kavanagh suggested that training The Notorious for the fight would be fairly easy:

“So in a weird way, you’re getting prepared to fight one of the best boxers there’s ever been.

But in another way, it would actually almost feel like a break for us because we wouldn’t have to keep up the other skill sets. In mixed martial arts your trying to work on seven or eight different skill sets. Whereas in boxing, it’s one … it’s just boxing. It’d almost be like a break to only have to work on one and not work on everything.

To be honest, Ireland has a great boxing tradition and we have a great relationship with some of the pro boxing gyms in Ireland. Steve Conlan is a friend of the gym, he’s in and out of the gym. And his brother, Pascal Conlan, runs a gym close by that Conor sometimes goes to spar in.”

Olympic freestyle wrestling champion @helen_maroulis at SBG tonight!

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Although the actual fight remains uncertain, Kavanagh has stated that he would be happy for the bout to happen – but only “if the deal is right”.

Do you think that the pair will face each other in the ring? Let me know in the comments.

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