Meet The Next Lady Leshurr: Rapper Honey G Is Taking Over Our TV Screens…

I don’t watch the X Factor. But after seeing this, it makes me wish that the show never existed…

X Factor contestant Honey G has recently taken the media by storm after her appearance on X Factor last weekend. Originally not making it through the bootcamp stages, the “rapper” from North West London was given a second chance after she was brought back to replace Ivy Grace- who unfortunately had to pull out of the show.

Image: X Factor

Image: X Factor

After it was revealed that Ivy failed to obtain an American visa for the “Judge’s houses” stage of the competition, Sharon Osbourne decided to bring back Honey. In a recent statement, Sharon said:

“I thought long and hard about who can take Ivy’s place in the competition and I have never received so many calls and texts about an auditionee before.”

Image: X Factor

Image: X Factor

Understandably, Honey G was incredibly pleased that she would be flying out to LA in order to film the next stage of the competition:

“I’m not just belting out an amazing voice; I am what is happening right now in the music scene. I’m the whole shebang.”

For the Judge’s houses stage, a celebrity comes to each house. Nicole enlisted the help of Calvin Harris, Simon decided for Spice Girls members Mel B and Emma Bunton. Meanwhile, Sharon and Robbie Williams will have the delight of listening to Honey G. What a treat!

After stating that she was from North Weezy, and saying that she could potentially be the next Drake, we can’t wait to see what song she raps next.

*Queue Gangsta’s Paradise*

You can check out Honey G’s audition here:


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