Men Are Now Fighting Back After Their Girlfriend’s Stole Their Hoodies…

My ex-girlfriend was definitely a thief. There’s no denying it.

But in a recent fight against equality, Men have decided to steal their girl’s hoodies in a campaign for justice.

This social trend is rapidly gaining momentum, and strongly encourages men to fight back against the female gender. The creator of this brilliant campaign said:

“I started the hashtag as a joke because I noticed that a lot of girls were tweeting about stealing their boyfriend’s hoodie, since the weather got a bit colder.

Typically the boyfriend buys a hoodie and the girlfriend takes it and never returns it, and men are left cold and hoodie-less.”

I completely agree with this guy. We must stand up for equality!

He also said:

“The hashtag pushes the envelope for toxic masculinity. It’s funny to see men wearing their girlfriend’s clothes and not being seen as less of a man.”

Of course, people around the world have shown support for this campaign. After a little bit of Twitter searching, here are some of the best posts that I found:

So far, the girls have not responded to our declaration of war over the hoodie. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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