MMA Fighter Attacks Ref After Illegal Blow To The Head

Wowzers! Who’d want to be on the receiving end of that? Not me Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho – so I am certainly not envious it was you sunny boy!

After being dropped by an outrageous onslaught, the poor MMA fighter was savagely and illegally soccer kicked in the head by his cheeky chappy of an opponent.

I mean honestly! What is happening in the MMA world these days? Such a cowardly move from the opposing fighter. I personally would have just got up, brushed myself off, casually walked over to the opponent and POKED THAT LITTLE WEASEL RIGHT IN THE EYEBALL!

Instead, the poor victim miraculously and rather rapidly jumps to his feet and in his dazed, slightly concussed position, advances straight towards the poor old ref and tries to fight him. What a bloody palava!

The ref on the other hand worked wonders and really tried hard to settle the vulnerable lad. Awwwww… We love you Frank ‘The Crank’!


This brutal attack comes just days after another MMA fighter found out he had lost a bout. Needless to say the little blighter was not best pleased and proceeded to throw his very manly (grrrrr) fists about the joint before landing a punch directly in the poor ring card girls face! Ouchieeeee….



Remember kids ‘Don’t try this at home’, or else you might end up with the same aggression as these beefy blokes – and that’s just scary!


By Leanne Elms for The Wall of Comedy


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