MMA Fighter Knocked Out After Applying His Own Submission Move…

Every now and then, we all f*ck up. But this is just on a totally new level…

Middleweight fighters Michael McDaniel and James Vake were having a head-to-head fight at the Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) in Australia.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

Instead of the fight lasting a decent amount of time, everything was completely over within a matter of 2 minutes. In the first round, it was clear that McDaniel had an advantage over his opponent after reversing one of Vake’s submission holds into a lock of his own.

But when the pair got up onto their feet, Michael’s body became fragile and fell to the floor. Understandably, everyone in the venue was surprised as McDaniel’s head hit the side of the cage.

You can check out a video here:

After the incident, XFC released the following statement:

“An unfortunate scene followed, which doctors have diagnosed due to a lack of oxygen to the brain during McDaniel’s submission escapes. XFC is pleased to say that [McDaniel] is fit and healthy, and in the process of getting his medical clearance.

Since the fight, the XFC have declared Vake the winner – as he was partially responsible for McDaniel passing out.

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