Monster Snake Found On Construction Site And It’s Absolutely Terrifying…

This must have been pretty scary…

A group of construction workers in Brazil recently found a 33ft Anaconda lurking on their site. Unsurprisingly, they were pretty nervous when the found the giant beast. Weighing 63 stone, it was found after a controlled explosion within a cave.

Of course, some of you will be thinking that this is clickbait. But to prove the story true, we have a video of the Anaconda which has been dubbed “the largest snake on earth”.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

Once the creature had been found, the workers tied it up to a giant crane so that it couldn’t harm anyone. As expected, this decision sparked controversy amongst animal rights activists.

It is believed that the snake has now been killed. As always, Twitter had a lot to say about it:

Anyone else want to board the NOPE train with me?

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