Mum Buys Daughter Shockingly Hilarious Christmas Present

Can you imagine opening a present from your mum on Christmas morning …. to find a Dildo!! Awkwaaard!

I personally would never be able to look my mother in the face ever again. Oh the shame! Especially if the dildo had the girth of a very small carrot, the length of a cocktail sausage and an obscure bend making it look like the leaning tower of Pisa!!

So you can obviously sense the utter embarrassment that Shelby from New Orleans felt, when she opened a present – wrapped lovingly by her mother, to find this…

A state of the art ‘Nimbus 2001’ vibrating dildo with built in fanny support to sit on.

What the hell in going on in the world! Shelby had only asked for Polaroid camera! She never thought for a second that she would be lucky enough to receive this piece of ‘kit’ in her stocking! Oooooh you lucky girl Shelby…. Or not!!!

IMAGE: Twitter Shoobertdoobert

IMAGE: Twitter Shoobertdoobert

Shelby, however, was absolutely mortified that her mother even considered buying her a sex toy at her tender age of just 18!

During a chat with Elite Daily Shelby said, “When I opened the gift, I opened it upside down,” she then said  “That was unfortunate. I stared at it for a really long time trying to process the gift as ANYTHING other than a dildo, but there was nothing else I could think of. I sat there wide-eyed for a really long time; my family was actually worried.”

Hang on a second .. I’m confused .. She said she opened the present upside down? But then the Dildo would surely be facing the wrong way?

Oh! Oh my lord! Well shit a brick and call me Nigel! That’s embarrassing. It’s not a Dildo after all. It’s just a ‘Yeti’ cup holder. Phew!

Back off childline … there’s nothing to see here!

Shelby’s mum insists she didn’t do it on purpose, and genuinely tried to find a respectable cup holder. Her grandma, on the other hand, said it can be used for “business in the morning, fun at night.” Gran has serious wit! Dirty Bitch you are Granny.

In fairness – you can see how the mistake was made by Shelby! It is after all, a very peculiar looking cup holder.

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Here are some tweets … and the crowd just love the Dildo pressie…

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