Nas Names Top 5 Current Artists

Debate time.

I’m one of those people who gets drunk at a party and thinks it’d be a good idea to put their iPod on shuffle, only to then remember that, for some weird reason, people don’t like a playlist which moves from old school hip hop, to rock, to grime, to classical, to Hip Hop, to old school garage…to Mariah Carey :s etc.


However, Hip Hop, in my opinion, is probably the genre of music in which the most content and emotion can be delivered. Not only due to the generally greater number of lyrics which make up the songs, but the history and word play – Hip Hop literally meaning ‘intelligent movement’.

So, when one of the all-time heroes of Hip Hop speaks up about his favourite contemporary artists, it’s only right that you take note!

Here’s Nas giving a list of his favourite artists at the moment:

As you can see from the video, Nas names the following as his current top 5:

1) J. Cole

2) Kendrick Lamar

3) Drake

4) Lil Wayne

5) Rick Ross

Fair play…I’d definitely have J. Cole and Kendrick. 2 out of 5 ain’t bad I spose!

And Drake’s alright, but he’s not making a Virtual Reality game like JME, is he?!

How about you? Who do you agree or disagree with on Nas’ list?

Let us know your top 5 artists at the moment in the comments.

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