No Man’s Sky Was Released Recently. Here’s What We Thought…

Earlier today, the highly anticipated “No Man’s Sky” was released. After receiving a copy of the game, I decided to play it for a few hours before going out. Here’s what I thought…

The first few hours of gameplay are incredibly slow. After being stranded on a random planet with a broken Spaceship, you have to gather resources and materials in order to fix your vehicle. But as the developers of the game said, a lot of the game is built around survival. They certainly accomplished that…



However, once you have spent a few hours repairing the Spaceship, the concept of planet exploration is really cool- I love it. If one planet doesn’t seem good enough for you, it’s really easy to guide your ship out of the atmosphere into the galaxy to find another world.

As the game is so vast, I can only provide a limited review. But definitely worth playing if you get a chance.

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