North Korea Have Decided To Ban Sarcasm. Seriously…

I must admit, Kim Jong-Un is probably one of the greatest leaders of this generation. With his incredibly slim appearance, good looks, and dedication to charitable causes, I can only describe him as a p*ssy magnet.

Earlier today, it was reported that Kim has banned sarcastic comments about the regime in everyday conversations. Several Asian media outlets have reported that mocking the regime “will not be tolerated”.



Several state officials have organised meetings with residents of North Korea to warn that “hostile actions” will be used if people rebel against the regime. They said that “the main point of the lecture was to ‘keep your mouths shut.’”

Here’s what people had to say about Kim Jong-Un’s amazing new law:

Despite what people are saying, I must congratulate the supreme leader on winning the “best dressed man” award:

Haha, this is just too brilliant.

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