Oreo Flavoured Creme Eggs Now Available In The UK!!


The UK is one of those places where we all love a good bargain. And so as chocolate is cheap, we simply can’t get enough of it. If you guys are anything like me, you’ll be looking forward to Easter so we can have loads of chocolate until we’re sick as f*ck.

For what can only be described as the best way to make January epic, Cadbury’s have gone and dropped a limited edition Oreo Creme Egg. I need to get loads of these whilst stocks last.

The outside is the same, however the inner core contains Oreo cream and biscuit. I’ve gotta admit, my mouth is gonna have a massive orgasm when I eat this. Wow!

Our good friends over in Canada have enjoyed this treat for around a year. But thankfully, Cadbury’s have decided to roll it out to the UK before the USA gets to taste it.

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