Paramedic Accidentally Mistakes Morrison’s Delivery Van For An Ambulance….

Hahaha, this is just too funny.

Whenever I’m driving through the countryside, I occasionally have to pull over in order to let the emergency services pass. But have you ever pulled over for an ambulance, only to find that it’s a Morrison’s Delivery Van?

As the Morrison’s van is the same model & colour as a traditional UK ambulance, it’s easy to make the mistake of mistaking it for a vehicle on the way to save someone’s life. Then again, I love food. Food loves me. It keeps me alive. So technically, the Morrison’s van saves my life when it turns up at my house every Friday evening.

What’s even more coincidental is that the Morrison’s staff wear the same shade of green as traditional paramedics in the UK. Is the supermarket trying to troll us all? Hmm, I think so!

Image: Me

Image: Me

As they look s0 identical, this young paramedic decided it would be a great idea to hop into one. Whoops. Claire Thewlis from the Yorkshire Ambulance Services shared the embarrassing mistake on her Facebook page, writing that she’ll ‘never live it down’. I guess we’ve all made bad mistakes in our lives.

Despite the embarrassment, she’s not the only one making the mistake:

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