Parrot Snitches on Cheating Husband!

Polly wants a cra…Polly wants a cracking pair of…well, you know.

In what could have been the best episode of ‘Cheaters’ ever, a woman recently filed a complaint to the police, stating that her husband had been going behind her back with another woman.

Her evidence? The family parrot had started “talking dirty” to her, mimicking what she presumed to be sex talk!


Can you imagine coming home, getting the cracker ready for Polly, looking at her nod her head up and down for a while (why do they do that?!) and then hearing utter filth come out her mouth?


The woman, from Kuwait, who came home to this scene was so mortified that she bypassed confronting her husband and went straight to calling the police – telling them that it was clear that her husband was doing the dirty with the maid.

She even brought the parrot into the police station to prove it!

Apparently, however, a snitching bird doesn’t count as proper evidence – investigators concluding that the parrot might just have been repeating words he picked up from a movie. What films had they been watching?!


I suppose a movie involving dirty talk probably has a high chance of having a maid in it too, though.

What worries me is that my cat has been purring lately, and my dog has been panting…Are they trying to tell me something?? :s

Probably best call the police.

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