Passengers Stranded On The Smiler As Rollercoaster Breaks Down Again…

As most of us will remember, back in 2015 The Smiler broke down at Alton Towers- injuring several people. Unfortunately, I am sad to report that it has broken down again.

Several witnesses are stating that the ride came to a standstill as it was climbing vertically just before a large drop. After the ride was reopened in March this year, it is certainly shocking to see images of the broken rollercoaster once more.

I can only imagine that the people currently stuck on the ride are slightly worried- as they are likely to be aware of last years events.

Many people have been talking about today’s incident on Twitter. Here’s a few of the comments:

Even Katie Hopkins decided to make an offensive remark:

Let’s all hope that all the riders get off the ride safely.

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